Join the #FoxOff Campaign to Free America from Toxic Media

We’ve all been there. You innocently walk into a restaurant, gym, repair shop, hospital, hotel lobby, etc., and you get that sick feeling when they have Fox “News” blasting from the TV.

You know Fox isn’t news. You know it’s a propaganda campaign that’s poisoning the hearts and minds of millions of Americans with fear, misinformation, and hateful rhetoric. You want to speak up but suddenly you feel alone; like it’s you against the rest of the Fox-loving world.  

But no more! Now you can join the team of Fox-Busters who are taking a stand against rabid right-wing media that’s debased our politics, divided families and the nation, and allowed for the political rise of a racist demagogue like Trump.

When you talk to a business owner or manager about turning #FoxOff, leaving the card with them shows you are part of a larger movement to stop the spread of toxic media.

You can also direct them to the link on the back of the card for more information on why Fox isn’t news but is bad for America. Click on the image below to choose how many cards you'd like: